John John

John "John-John" Johnson is played by Texas Battle on Death Valley.


Rinaldi's partner on the beat, Officer Johnson is kind of a big kid -- a big kid who likes bashing zombies to a pulp with his baseball bat. As a cop who welcomes all battles, he seems like he'd be fine fighting monsters with his bare hands. Always upbeat, John-John is fiercely protective of the valley he calls home and also of his beloved partner.

In the pilot episode, he is seen in the police department sitting at his desk. After Frank ends his speech with "Let's go kill something!" John-John looks excited. He then is with his partner, Carla Rinaldi, answering a call about a slow walker zombie at a local doughnut shop. When they arrive, he gets a box and starts taking doughnuts from the stand then points out to Rinaldi that the zombie doesn't have a doughnut in its mouth but rather, a hand. He gets attacked by another zombie who was in the back of the shop, but he begins to beat it with his baseball bat. After Rinaldi kills the original zombie she tells John-John to look in the back for more and he takes out his gun instead his bat because the room was a black hole. He shines his flashlight to a part of the room and is at first shocked when he sees a pool of blood but gets relieved when he finds that it's just a bucket of red paint that fell on the floor. He continues to proceed into the room then starts shooting when he sees two more zombies. He and Rinaldi start fighting the zombies while the sound guy watches, screaming in terror. John-John finally calms down the sound guy by slapping him and telling him to shut up. The sound guy then leans on the counter and is bitten by the zombie who John-John failed to kill with the bat. Rinaldi shoots the zombie then her and John-John look down at the sound guy who is lying on the floor holding his bitten arm. When Rinaldi raises her gun at him, he insits that they can't kill him because he is the sound guy. John-John stops Rinaldi and instead pulls out his bat, saying that it's the valley and that there's lots of sound guys out there. The show ends when John-John hits the sound guy with his baseball bat.