Carla Rinaldi

Carla Rinaldi is played by Tania Raymonde on Death Valley.


Deadly accurate with a gun in her hand, Carla's a bit serious and a bit of a suck-up, and not without reason, everywhere she's gone she has done exceptional work, only to be overshadowed by someone flashier. As much of a straight-arrow as she is on the force, she's got a sarcastic side that she shows to her UTF partners and a wild side that she shows to almost no one.

It is revealed at the end of the episode Zombie Fights that Rinaldi is a lesbian, making out with barmaid Julia. The other officers were apparently not aware of this until Tick, Tick, Boom, when she finally informs John-John, and later Kirsten, of this fact along with Julia being her bisexual girlfriend. Captain Dashell is apparently aware of her sexuality by the time of Partners when he jokes to John-John that Rinaldi is on her first date with a guy since college.